René Marcel de Ribet (1894-1967)

Thesis: Le diaphragme fibreux périnéal et ses annexes. Thesis (D.M.)–Université d’Alger, 1923.
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René Marcel de Ribet

René Marcel de Ribet, also known as Marcel Ribet, was born on May 21, 1894 in Arzew, in Algeria’s department of Oran. He received the Doctorat en Médecine in 1923 from the Université d’Alger.

Ribet was a prolific researcher and author, contributing articles to many journals, including the Journal de Médecine de l’Afrique du Nord, the Bulletin de la Société Anatomique de Paris, the Annales d’anatomie pathologique de la Faculté de Paris, and the Bravaux du Laboratoire d’anatomie de la Faculté de Médecine d’Alger. He was one of five professors who served first as the chaire d’Anatomie de l’École, then of the Faculté de Médecine d’Alger (1940-1962).

Ribet was named Lauréat de la Faculté (1914) and Lauréat des Hôpitaux (Prix Poisson, 1921) and was decorated with the Croix de guerre and the Médaille des épidémies.

He died in 1967.


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