Gillings Innovation Laboratories next.png
The competitively selected labs will address a variety of public health challenges through our faculty members’ innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Gillings Innovation Laboratories (2) next.png
Professors Joseph Morrissey, Alice Ammerman, William Vizuete, Joseph Ibrahim, Ralph Baric.

Gillings Innovation Laboratories (3) next.png
Professors Steven Meschnick, Miroslav Styblo, Mark Sobsey, David Richardson.

Gillings Visiting Professorships next.png
Professors Sheila Leatherman, Thomas Ricketts, Jim Merchant.

Action-Oriented Community Diagnosis next.png
A course that requires students to involve themselves with communities to determine – or “diagnose” – the public health issues of that particular group of people.


Last modified: 12/08/16
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